Top Benefits & Applications of Drop Testers for Businesses in the UAE

Any products are shipped and transported through packaging boxes like cardboard boxes, corrugated, and paper containers. Making sure your product reaches its destination securely without any damage is crucial when it comes to packing.

A drop tester is employed to ensure the safety and strength of the packaging material. It mimics the situation in which a packaging box falls and breaks in real life, which is a frequent occurrence during the shipping and transportation of any item. This article will explain in detail about the drop tester UAE along with its potential benefits.

What is a Drop Tester?

Drop testing is a laboratory testing equipment that measures the impact on the packaging boxes by dropping the sample box within a certain height. By testing the samples, the manufacturers ensure that packaging material does not get damaged during transportation and mishandling.

It functions simply as a regulated drop equipment, assisting producers and packaging firms to make sure that the products are resilient to the pressures of everyday use. Testronix drop testers are adjustable in different heights and angles (like corner drop, edge drop, etc) so that manufacturers can identify the weakness of packaging material in different situations.

The packaging industry frequently employs equipment like this to reduce their overall cost and best quality products. A product is safely gripped at an appropriate height by drop testers, who then release it onto a predetermined impact surface.

The product itself or one that is packed can be tested. You may change the height and dropping angle to simulate various drop scenarios, such as an electronic device accidentally falling from the desk or a package box dropped at the surface.

Type of Drop Testers UAE Based on Usability

Lab testing equipment in UAE has basically two types – Manual drop tester and Automatic drop tester but based on different scenarios and configurations, this equipment has the following types:

Manual Tester

This is the most basic type of drop tester that allows testing manually. The clamping, holding, and releasing of packaging are done manually or sometimes pneumatically operated. The height and clamping forces are also measured manually.

Automatic Tester

As the name suggests, an automatic drop tester lets you perform all the operations automatically except placing the sample. Automated testing devices provide enhanced accuracy in controlling drop characteristics such as elevation, tilt, and data gathering.

Pneumatic Tester

Pneumatic testing uses compressed air to propel the package at a controlled height. The clamping and the releasing of samples are done with the help of pneumatic pressure.

Inclined Drop Test Equipment

A packaged box is not always dropped from front and back, it could be damaged due to being dropped with an angle or with an edge. To replicate any possible effects during toppling or bouncing, these testers lower the container at an angled position. However, for each angle, the tester needs to be manually adjusted.

Benefits of Drop Testing for Industries

Reduce Damage During Shipping

The biggest challenge for any company is to deliver their products safely to the customers. For this, the package or container box must be durable enough that it can sustain the impact load and any damage from falling. A drop tester exposes the weakness of the packaging boxes by performing the test at various angles and orientations.

Improve Box Designs

Different types of boxes may be exposed to different levels of handling. By testing a sample from various angles, the manufacturer ensures that the carton design will withstand different situations like falling, dropping, impact load, falling with an angle, etc.

Minimize Returns and Replacements

In any business, returns and replacements are very regular, but they come at a high price even when the goods were delivered in excellent condition. This happens due to the weak card boxes and corrugated boxes in which the items are delivered. To minimize the returns and save the surcharges, the packaging boxes must be strong enough.

Applications of Drop Tester

Packaging boxes are a requirement of any industry from electronic devices to mechanical equipment and everyday items to medical devices. Following are the applications of Testronix drop tester:

·         Packaging Industry: Food items, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, textiles, beverages, etc.

·         Electronic Industry: For sensitive products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, and other electronic devices of everyday use.

·         Toy Industry: Toy-making industry frequently uses packaging boxes to deliver toys that are very brittle and can be fractured during shipments.

·         Sports Gear: Drop testers are utilized to test the durability of sports equipment like bicycles, helmets, and safety guards.

·         Construction Materials: Frequently used to evaluate the impact resistance of building materials like tiles, bricks blocks, concretes, etc.


Drop testing is a useful tool that businesses can use to guarantee that their products are delivered to clients safely and effectively while maintaining an excellent reputation. Companies can either opt for manual or automatic drop tester UAE according to their requirements and budget. Without a doubt, the benefits of drop testing are immense for various industries but selecting the right tester makes the difference.