How to Paint Over Dark Colors

How to Paint Over Dark Colors

Painting over dark colors can be a challenging task that requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure the new paint adheres well and looks its best. Whether you’re transitioning from a bold shade to a lighter tone or just refreshing the existing color, here are steps and tips to successfully cover dark walls.


1. Choose the Right Primer

The first step in painting over dark colors is to apply a high-quality primer. Primers are crucial for covering dark shades and ensuring that the new paint color is true to what you’ve chosen. Look for a primer specifically designed for high coverage or one that’s tinted closer to your final paint color. This can significantly reduce the number of topcoats needed.


2. Quality Paint Matters

Opt for high-quality paint, preferably one with a built-in primer for additional coverage. These paints cover painting brisbane  and often have a more durable finish, which is especially important when covering dark colors.


3. Preparing the Surface

Properly prepare the wall before applying any paint. Clean the walls to remove dust, dirt, and oils that could interfere with adhesion. Fill any holes or cracks with spackle, sanding down the patches to create a smooth surface.


4. Test Your Colors

Before fully committing to painting the entire area, test the new color on a small section of the wall. This allows you to see how well the primer and paint cover the dark color and how many coats you’ll need.


5. Applying Primer

Apply a coat of primer using a roller for large areas and a brush for smaller spaces and corners. Ensure even coverage to avoid blotchy spots that could show through the paint. Allow the primer to dry completely, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.


6. Painting Techniques

When applying paint over a primer, use a roller for a smooth finish. Start from the top of the wall and work your way down, applying even pressure. It might require multiple coats to completely cover the dark paint, so patience is key. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.


7. Finishing Touches

Once the final coat is dry, assess the walls for any missed spots or touch-ups. Use a small brush for any areas that need a little extra paint.


By following these steps, painting over dark colors can be a rewarding project that dramatically changes the look of your 

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