CD BioSciences Announces Cytoskeleton-Targeted Tumor Marker Development Service for Cancer Diagnosis

CD BioSciences has announced its cytoskeleton-based tumor marker development service for cancer diagnosis.


CD BioSciences, a prominent biotech company, has recently unveiled its latest and innovative service on cytoskeleton-based tumor marker development. This groundbreaking service can be utilized for preclinical tests to determine the tumor type and predict disease progression.


The cytoskeleton refers to the network of protein filaments within cells that plays a crucial role in maintaining their basic structure and performing actions. The structure, function, and dynamic behavior of the cytoskeleton may vary greatly depending on the organism and cell type. Even within one cell, the cytoskeleton can be altered through binding to other proteins and the prior history of the network. In certain situations, abnormalities of the cytoskeleton may occur. For instance, in malignant transformed cells, the functions of cytoskeletal proteins are enhanced, leading to an increase of multiple capabilities of cancer cells, such as migration and invasion.


CD BioSciences, with the support of its cytoskeleton research lab, offers a wide range of research services and products, including antibodies, inhibitors & activators, peptides & proteins, and assay kits. Researchers can rely on CD BioSciences for its highly accurate cellular bioassay platform to discover and assay cytoskeleton-based biomarkers for common cancers. The discovery of tumor markers targeting cytoskeleton is expected to help researchers break through the bottleneck of cancer therapy researches. By closely monitoring and quantitatively analyzing the cytoskeletal proteins in tumors and adjacent tissues, researchers can better observe the state of cells, and classify tumors, thereby accelerating research progress to develop therapeutic projects and drugs.


“Cytoskeleton is a crucial protein network in the human body that helps maintain cell structure, withstand external forces, and support intracellular material transport and information transfer. CD BioSciences offers various protein study services, including antibody development and analysis services for cytoskeletal proteins.” said the marketing manager of CD BioSciences. “In addition, we provide protein imaging, compound screening, and mechanistic studies for cytoskeleton-related diseases.”


About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company that offers a wide range of cytoskeleton related products, including antibodies and inhibitors, to customers all over the world. Their products are of high quality and rich in category, allowing customers easily select what they need through the CD BioSciences’ online shop. The laboratory of CD BioSciences can provide highly customizable services for cytoskeleton-related projects that cater to needs of customers and bring convenience to their researches.